Solar Illuminations

Solar LED Indoor Home Lights
Solar Illuminations offers solar powered indoor home lighting systems. Our solar home light kits are sold as a complete plug and play system, allowing you to illuminate your home, building, or shelter without the needing of electricity.

Solar LED Indoor Home Lighting and Light Bulb Kits


Whether you want solar lighting for your whole home, or you just want one solar fixture - we have the solution for you. Our solar home lighting kits are designed to be simple, and easy to install. We have a large selection of compatible solar light fixtures, and accessories to go with your solar indoor lighting system..

Do you live in a remote location or just wish to lower your electrical dependency? Solar Illuminations offers a unique solution for indoor lighting; complete solar systems that collect the suns energy during the day so you can illumination your house at night.

Just choose a system, choose your fixtures, and you’re on your way to living a greener and more sustainable life. Our Indoor Lighting allows you to turn your remote cabin, vacation-get-away, boat, RV, shed, or any other structure into a comfortable illuminated environment. Our systems come with remote light switches, plug and play wiring, and every other component needed to have a fully functioning solar power station.

If you need more information, pricing, or wish to purchase a Solar Indoor Lights from Solar Illuminations please call our sales department or send an email to We will be more than happy to answer your request.

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